Digital Radiography

Digital radiography technology has significant advantages over film-based radiography due to decreased radiation and greater efficiency. Images appear on the computer monitors in our treatment rooms providing the opportunity for prompt analysis by the doctors as well as mutual doctor/patient visualization affording enhanced education. Other advantages include efficient transmission of images to other dental professional and insurance providers.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone beam CT provides 3D images of the jaw structures and teeth with extraordinary accuracy and detail thereby becoming the standard of care for diagnostics in the field of implant dentistry. The 3D images enable us to plan surgical approaches with the highest precision possible ensuring successful outcomes while reducing the possibility of damage to vital structures. Three Village Prosthontics has it’s own I-CAT™ machine allowing for implant diagnostics and treatment to be performed entirely in-house. Operated by our specially trained staff, our technology offers maximum convenience, safety and precision.

Central Sterilization Area

Three Village Prosthodontics maintains a fully equipped central sterilization area. All dental instruments are cleaned in ultrasonic baths followed by sterilization under pressure in autoclave machines. Our staff members are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of instrument and equipment cleanliness.

Guided Implant Placement

Three Village Prosthodontics employs digital technology which allows us to perform state of the art implant treatment with comfort, speed and efficiency.  Guided implant placement is accomplished by combining CAT scan technology with next generation software enabling us to accurately place implants with the highest precision possible.  The procedure we offer is a two step process done entirely in our office.  The first step for the patient is to undergo a CAT scan.  In order to do this, we have installed an I-CAT machine from Imaging Sciences International which performs a scan in 8.5 seconds while the patient sits upright.  More importantly, our Cone Beam CT scanner delivers improved imaging using a small fraction of the radiation that a medical CAT scan delivers.

Step two employs software created by Nobel Biocare that converts the CT data into three dimensional skeletal forms allowing for virtual implant placement.  Virtual implant placement means that the dentist has the ability to create a computer generated surgical guide that provides unprecedented accuracy for implant placement.  This guide enables the dentist to enter the jaw only at the location where the implant will be placed.  This digital scanning approach is a vast improvement over the more commonly used and invasive procedure of surgically opening the entire jaw line.  The planning and preparation that is necessary for this technique requires the expertise of a Prosthodontist whose training provides the in-depth competency required to precisely identify final tooth position and placement prior to treatment.

Fully embracing this technology we acquired the necessary equipment in our office in 2006.  Since that time Three Village Prosthodontics has become one of the leading practices implementing virtual implant placement in the United States and one of a handful of practices in the Northeast that can perform this technique entirely in house.  We encourage our patients to consider this greatly improved technology whenever there is a need for tooth replacement.  This is clearly the procedure of choice for anyone requiring a solid foundation to replace missing teeth.